What We Do

For the effective marketing of a fighter there requires to be careful planning. The perfect marketing plan must be developed with a full understanding of the kickboxing and MMA market as well as the requirements of fans, promoters and international potential sponsors. Marketing plans developed by SFM (SuperB Fight Marketing) ensure that the fighter has SMART objectives (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timed) which will focus the strategy on the stakeholders (fans, promoters, media and potential sponsors). We aim to make our clients the best in their field, not just “another company”.

Some parts of our marketing strategy are:
-Arranging national and international sponsorship
-Daily support concerning online posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
-Developing personal visit cards and signature flyers
-Arranging seminars and benefits acivities.

In addition to developing and implementing the perfect strategy, the successes of our strategy are periodically measured on among others following facts:
– Quantity: How many visitors to the website?
– Language: which language do visitors speak?
– Location: from which countries do visitors come from?